Harvest Q&A

Click on a question below to find out how Sonoma County wineries prepare for harvest. Each week there will be three new questions with different vintners. Check back often to learn more!

Week #7 Questions

What differences do you see regarding harvesting different varietals?

What are some of the ways you achieve a safe harvest?

How does this year’s crop look in general compared to 2015?

Week #6 Questions

What type of damage can birds do to a vineyard during growing season? Is this what nets are used for?

As weather changes during harvest season, how do you adapt to cope with heat spikes, rain etc?

What are your observations and thoughts on the 2016 harvest in general?

Week #5 Questions

During the growing season, some vineyard owners and managers will drop or thin fruit, what is this process and what is the benefit?

Once a vineyard is completely picked, what happens afterward to the vineyard to assist it or even begin prep for next season?

What is one of your biggest harvest related challenges you face, as well as one of your most satisfying moments?

Week #4 Questions

Can you describe an average day or schedule you keep during harvest?

Do most of the vineyards you harvest ripen all at once or do you have to schedule multiple picks for each vineyard?

Do you all have any traditions or activities centered around harvest that are unique to your winery?

Week #3 Questions

How have you been able to leverage technology in the vineyards/winery to assist you during harvest?

What is the average size of your harvest crew on a given vineyard pick and do they all have a specific role / responsibilities?

 In addition to actually picking a vineyard, what additional tasks are required that are related to harvest?

Week #2 Questions

How do you determine when it is the optimal time to pick a vineyard?

We know that many winemaker / growers prefer to harvest their grapes at night. Why is this?

 What effects in general, have you observed that the past year’s drought has had on vineyards in Sonoma County as a whole?

Week #1 Questions

How do you begin to prepare for harvest?

What were some of the conditions/ elements earlier this year that have made an important impact on the 2016 harvest?

How does this year’s crop look in general compared to 2015?

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