You Won’t Find a More Diverse Region for Grape Growing than Sonoma County

A nearly infinite array of microclimates provide the magic for our vineyards, but every site has the positive benefit of Sonoma County’s overall ideal combination of weather, temperature, fog and rainfall.

Sonoma County is heavily influenced by its close proximity to nearly 60 miles of Pacific Coast shoreline, and its cool nights and temperate days create the perfect conditions to draw in layers of oceanic fog to chill Sonoma’s warm interior valleys. Daytime temperatures average a comfortable 71˚F, with the warmest summer days rarely topping 84˚F. Nighttime temperatures stay mostly in the 40s, meaning hard frosts are a rarity, even during critical flowering time for grapes. At the start of fall harvest, the weather remains moderate with little to no rainfall. Sonoma County experiences no measurable snow or hail and normal rainfall measures between 25 and 30 inches a year.

Grapes thrive in this climate and, while Sonoma County does experience occasional temperature extreme and hard rains, the reliably moderate diurnal swings are tempered by coastal fog and only trace amounts of summer rain. Grapes thrive here; winegrowers flock here. And while growing grapes isn’t as easy as putting a stick in the ground and watching it grow, our local growers will agree that Sonoma County is one of the world’s most ideal growing regions.