What’s Going On in the Vineyard

As part of our Harvest 2016 coverage, we are producing a new video each week featuring different wineries that highlight what’s going on in the vineyard during harvest. Check each week for a new video! #SonomaWine #SCHarvest

Week 5: Pride Mountain Vineyards

Learn more about Pride Mountain Vineyards.

Week 4: Laurel Glen Vineyard

Learn more about Laurel Glen Vineyard.

Week 3: Ramey Wine Cellars

Learn more about Ramey Wine Cellars.

Week 2: Lambert Bridge

Learn more about Lambert Bridge.

Week 1: Rodney Strong

Learn more about Rodney Strong Vineyards.

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Vintner Q&A

Get to know our vintners and what they think about this year’s harvest.

Harvest Reports

Weekly overview reports about harvest.