The Sonoma County Barrel Auction label.

Conjunctive Labeling

Labeling of a wine to show both region and sub-region (AVA) of origin. In our case, it refers to the inclusion of “Sonoma County” on the label of all Sonoma County wines along with any AVA designation.

Why is Conjunctive Labeling Important?

  • Builds brand equity for Sonoma County wines and preserve and strengthen Sonoma County’s position as a recognized world-class wine region
  • Increases sales of wines produced from Sonoma County grapes
  • Increases recognition for every AVA within Sonoma County, both well-known and less familiar, and ensure that consumers understand where they are.

What it Means

  • ALL wine produced from a Sonoma County AVA must also include “Sonoma County” on the label
  • Wineries have creative flexibility on the font, size, and location of “Sonoma County” within their label design
  • The law officially went into effect on January 1, 2011. There was a three-year phase-in period, so vintners had until January 1, 2014 to comply
  • “Sonoma County” must appear on the label that is submitted as the legal label for TTB approval
  • The law is enforced by the ABC

What it Does NOT Mean

  • “Sonoma County” does not need to appear on the label right above or below the AVA name. (See example to the right)
  • “Sonoma County” does not need to appear in the same font or size as the AVA name. The type does need to be 2mm or larger in size, as required by the TTB for any type on a label.

Additional Information